The Royal Family

Keeping you informed and updated all things relating to members of the British Royal Family. Here are some of my favorite social media accounts that provide pictures, videos or links for the latest and greatest news of The Royal Family:

  • KateMiddletonVideos is by far my favorite account on Instagram for all things Kate Middleton. The IG handle only posts video clips of Catherine, her family and most recently Meghan Markle on their royal engagements. I also like that the handle will post throwback videos from to time time.

Royal Family official accounts. I love that the royal family is socially savvy! All of their pages are great resources for timely but most importantly accurate news  of the royals:

There are a few emerging accounts for Meghan Markle, but I’ve yet to find one that posts timely news as well as throwbacks like the KateMiddletonVideos Instagram. I’ll be sure to share when I have a winner!


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