Finally A Recipe Post: Breakfast Smoothie

Happy Friyay, everyone! We officially made it to the weekend.

In my Instagram story earlier this week, I mentioned that I was excited to share some of my favorite recipes with you all.

Warning: I am a health-nut but I try and do a good job at making healthy food tasty and satisfying. While I have many recipes that I love, I am still new to veganism. Therefore I have limited recipes that are meatless, dairy and egg free. Regardless, I’m still excited to share what I do love and what is working so far. This week’s recipe is my Breakfast Smoothie, this one is for you Ally Kepler!

 Why I love this recipe: This is a great way to get nutrients from real, fresh fruit. The vegan protein powder mix that I use has a chocolate fudge taste to it. That taste plus the sweetness of the fruit really helps me overcome by sugar cravings every day. Surprisingly, this liquid breakfast keeps me full until about 11AM which is a great weight management tool.


  • Blueberries*
  • Strawberries*
  • Bananas*
  • Grapes*
  • Pineapple*
  • Apple*
  • Orgain Organic Protein Powder (100% plant based unlike whey protein)
  • Almond Milk**
  • 1 tablespoon peanut or almond butter
  • Baby Spinach – if you’re feeling super healthy, you can add in spinach if not you can omit

*You can use whatever fruit you want. I tend to buy whatever is cheapest that week at Costco. You can always purchase your fruit based on your dietary needs. Different fruits have different benefits, so if you want a fruit that helps fight stress then you should consider a shake that consists of bananas, strawberries and pears. Check out the graph below, courtesy of corylrodriguez on Instagram to see what combination works best for you.


**I recently switched to using almond milk instead of water for my protein shakes. I took it a step further and now make my own homemade almond milk which is cheaper and healthier!


  • Be sure to wash all of your fresh fruit thoroughly
  • Cut up the fruit into small pieces. Warning: this part takes forever which sucks, so set aside enough time for this.
  • After washing and cutting, you can either put all of the fruit into one bag so it’s mixed together or individual bags in the event you want to variations of your shake each morning.
  • Place the bag or bags into the freezer
  • After the fruit is completely frozen add as much fruit as you want into the blender – adding spinach is optional
  • Two scoops of Orgain Organic Protein Powder
  • Peanut or almond butter
  • 2-3 cups of almond milk (depends on how frothy you want your shake to be)

Voila, you now have a vegan, protein filled shake with no added sugars or strange ingredients. It’s not going to taste like a McFlurry or some Starbucks high calorie beverage, but it’s healthy and is a great substitute if you like these drinks and are looking for a healthier option each morning.


What are some of your favorite recipes? Send them to me or comment in the section below and I can share them in my next post!



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