The City That Never Sleeps

pexels-photo-597909.jpegThis may sound cliché, but I assure you it is very, very true as I experienced this first hand during my visit to New York City last weekend. Typically this is how my Friday and Saturday nights play out in Michigan:

Friday Night: come home, feed the guinea pigs, cook dinner, call my BFF or mom, watch Netflix, in bed by 10:30 PM

Saturday: wake up around 6AM, hit the gym from 6:30 AM – 7:30 AM, put in a couple hours at work, maybe hang out with friends (if I am feeling social), watch some sporting event or more Netflix, most definitely in bed by midnight or earlier.

Now let’s talk about how my weekend went in NYC:


I spent the entire morning and afternoon walking around New York with me, myself and I. Honestly, I am not even sure which neighborhoods I ventured into, but I found myself walking and enjoying all the sights and smells the city had to offer. I cautiously went into Pottery Barn and bought the cutest napkin rings ever…perfect for my Royal Family addiction!

I also took this time to do some self-evaluation: where do I see myself in six months? Am I working towards the goals that I outlined in November and December? What’s changed since 2017 and what hasn’t? More on this topic in a later post. After a long day of walking and shopping, I ended the evening early at my friend, Tulsi’s apartment.


I started the day by leaving my friend’s apartment at 11:30 AM to meet up with a girlfriend from high school, Ashley, in Central Park. While I was waiting for her, I treated myself to a coffee and cookie at the most amazing underground gem in NYC. If you’ve ever had a thing for bakeries, fresh bread, delicacies of all sorts, then you will love this place. It was lively, but not overcrowded like most places in the city and the cookie was on point. We then moved to have sushi in the Upper East Side where we caught up on all things about our lives and picking up where things left off since high school. Hearing about her life and all of the events in between high school and current day was great. She’s super independent, strong and an all around kind hearted person.

We then caught a train to SoHo where we stopped by her job only to run into Dave Chappelle. Both of us had completely forgotten that it was Grammy’s weekend and for the first time in 15 years, the event was taking outside of LA. After we strolled around SoHo, admiring all of the clothing we were unable to afford we migrated to Brooklyn so I could see her place. By this time it was 7:30 PM and I was shocked that I wanted to keep going and exploring, not showing any signs of slowing down. We then went our separate ways for dinner, as I headed back to the island to meet up with Tulsi in East Village. In this non-suspecting restaurant, I had possibly the best vegetarian Chinese food in my life. Yes, another hidden gem in the city and I would highly recommend eating here.

After dinner, I met back up with Ashley as well as my friend Robbie. Robbie brought his wife, Trisha, whom I had not yet met and she is a realtor in NYC. The four of us had a great time over drinks, mostly talking about how expensive it is to live in New York City. Seriously do any of you know of a place to live that is reasonable that doesn’t require having 3-4 roommates? After drinks, my friend Ashley and I continued to walk around the city – mind you it was 2 AM at this point. I cannot speak for Ashley, but I just didn’t want to go home. I was having so much fun catching up with an old friend that I didn’t want to say goodbye. To say goodbye meant to go home the next day. To say goodbye meant back to communicating and keeping in touch over social media and text message versus real, human interaction. To say goodbye meant, next time I’m here I’ll be sure to let you know but in the meantime, work, responsibilities, stress will all get in the way of us keeping in touch.

During this trip, I came to realize a few things:

1)      Always be grateful for the opportunity to travel. While I realize, I didn’t go to Europe or any place tropical, I am blessed that I had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite cities. Not everyone has the means to do even the smallest of trips, so I’m super thankful that I made this journey and I have wonderful friends who hosted me at their apartments.

2)      The importance of relationships. I am so happy that I was able to see three of my friends all from different time periods in my life. Tulsi and I were friends from when we both first moved to Chicago in 2010; Robbie and I were both collegiate athletes at Marshall and clicked beginning of freshmen year; and Ashley and I were friends from high school. While I admit I do a poor job of keeping in touch with people, my soul smiles that my relationships with these people picked up right where I left them.

3)      I am doing more than okay. Is my life exactly where I want it to be? Of course not, but is anyone’s? Just in my daily interactions with strangers and catching up with my friends, I started to realize that nobody has it figured out. Nobody’s life is perfect and nobody is 100% happy with every aspect of their life. Just enjoy where you are at, have faith that God has you in the right place, and always, always have fun!

Until next time New York ❤


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