First Self Care Sunday of the New Year


I mentioned in an earlier blog post of the importance to focus on self care in 2018. I realized that last year my life was out of balance. I love being busy and having a routine, but I also enjoy moving slowly and not always looking at a to-do list. I’m not saying that we should turn into couch potatoes each weekend, but rather use the time to rejuvenate ourselves so that we can be better versions of ourselves each and every day.


This mentality has led me to my first self care Sunday post of the New Year and how I spent it:

  1. Waking up when your body decides to: This mentality is also known as sleeping in, getting enough sleep or just waking the f**k up when you feel like it. I rise early every morning even on Saturday’s to hit the gym before everyone else, so I do not feel guilty about this weekly ritual. I allow my day to unfold based on when I rise.
  2. Making a fresh cup of coffee: I do not drink coffee during the week unless I’m horribly dragging a$$. I allow my endorphins, vegan protein shake and the 1,000 emails in my inbox to motivate me during the weekday. However, on the weekend there is nothing greater than waking up slowly and meandering into the kitchen to make a fresh cup of coffee. The kind of coffee that you get from an actual coffee maker with an actual coffee pot. I’m not talking about the coffee from the Keurig…you know that device that is slowly polluting our country with tiny pods in landfills? Please folks, do yourself a favor and go to Williams-Sonoma and buy a real coffee maker. It is the self care gift that keeps on giving.
  3. Barre class: I love doing barre class on Sunday especially after heavy lifting and HIIT on Saturday.  Also, the energy in the room on the weekends is completely different with everyone refreshed and energized.
  4. Church: I love going to mass on Sundays. This is my time to really focus on my intentions for the week ahead. During this one hour, I try hard not to think about anything other than the homily, so that I can get up Monday morning and tackle the week all over again. If church is not your thing, try and take an hour to mediate or read a book that helps put things into perspective in your life. It is so important to have the right frame of mind, so that you can make sound decisions at work and in your personal life.
  5. Running into people you work with and NOT talking about work: A co-worker of mine and I attend the same church and we often go to the same mass. It’s great that we share the same faith and values, but what’s even better is that when I see them we don’t talk about projects that we are working on together. If work comes up in conversation, it’s usually in a broader context of life and what we are passionate about as it pertains to our careers.
  6. Weekly Costco run: I get this is technically a “to-do” but I really enjoy going to Costco on the weekends. I also like starting my week organized and Costco makes meal prepping easy, as you can buy food in bulk without needing to make numerous trips to the grocery store Monday thru Friday. This may be weird, but I also love the way Costco smells…anyone else share the same feeling?
  7. Watching a new movie release on Netflix: I think everyone can relate to the warm and fuzzy feelings that only a new release on Netflix and curling up with some snacks and a warm blanket can bring. This weekend I watched the 2016 thriller, Before I Wake.
  8. Meal prep & Sunday dinner: when time permits, meal prepping is the best. All your food for the week is ready and you don’t have to stress about what’s for dinner and lunch after a long day of work. I don’t meal prep every week because it is time consuming but when I have the time and energy, I try to make this a priority somewhere in the day.
  9. Getting ready for bed early: it takes me a little over an hour to get ready for bed. This includes all forms of grooming…ladies you already know how it goes, I don’t need to go into much detail here. I make it a point to get ready for bed early on Sunday’s, so I can ensure a good night’s sleep which helps set me up for the rest of the week.


As I take more time for self care and allowing myself to move at my own pace, I look back at all of the things that I did and realize I actually got a lot done during the day. Sometimes by solely focusing on the to do-list you end up feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to get done. By taking things in stride, I allowed myself to enjoy each and every moment that I was in – even when it came to doing the laundry. One of my favorite quotes is, “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” – Ernest Hemingway

I would love to hear some of your Sunday self care rituals, so please share in the comments.

Have a wonderful week!


2 thoughts on “First Self Care Sunday of the New Year

  1. my.pursuitofhappiness says:

    Loved this post. My Sunday self-care ritual also involves rising for morning mass which leaves me uplifted for the remainder of the day. I also go for a run in the park, and cook a large portion of curry which lasts for most of the week (I admit I can get sick of the same curry come Wednesday/Thursday….but it beats preparing food when I come home from work let’s be honest).


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