When You Decide to be Basic AF: New Year, New Me…Starting A Blog

pexels-photo-775779.jpegYup… I’m going to be that girl in 2018. “New Year, New Me” type stuff, but unlike previous New Years with my resolutions, I am making my goals more personal. While some people do not believe in New Years resolutions, I do. In my opinion, for personal and professional growth, it is imperative for us to self evaluate ourselves and our lives. Am I happy? Am I healthy? Am I moving in the right direction with my career or with my personal relationships? What is working? What is not working? These are all questions and topics that come up in conversations with family friends or internally more than a few times a year. And after a few quiet days with Christmas and New Years, it only seems appropriate to start fresh in January. Anyways, back to making my goals more “personal.”

I’m done with typical New Years resolutions and all of these advertisements that tell us we need to lose weight, save money, and stop drinking. To be honest, I am doing all of those things and pride myself on my mostly plant based diet and strict gym routine. However, late October of 2017, it dawned on me, just like we exercise and eat healthy to keep our bodies performing at our best, we should do so with our mental health. Our bodies and minds should work together to be the best versions of ourselves. During this time period, I noticed that I was less likely to have a good work out or be motivated to eat healthy when I was mentally exhausted after doing what felt like a never ending to do list without taking time for myself (binge watching Netflix does not count). I had forgotten the importance and love I had of reading a good book, learning something new, having a hobby or volunteering. I decided I was going to start making small changes in November and December so I could truly set myself up for success in 2018. It all started with reading a Christmas book which lead to reading another book and then next thing I knew, I felt a desire to write which has led to the creation of this blog.

Whatever your goals are for the New Year, I hope you not only destroy them but that you find personal fulfillment and realize self care in the process of doing so.

Happy New Year!



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